On the heels of a successful 30-year career as a revered, Grammy winning classical flutist, Susan embarked on a mission to explore the music of Portugal, a virtually unknown outside its own, cloistered universe. During a visit to Lisboa in 2014, she experienced a musical epiphany as to how she could bring Portugal’s incredible music to a global audience.

Susan’s concept for the project was clear: Invite the finest musicians in Lisboa to record important compositions suited to fresh interpretation, and arrange and record these works in Portugal. Susan has a rare ability to integrate her classical virtuosity to other genre’s.  Lisboa à Solta is a clear example of this.



Lisboa à Solta has much in common with the renowned Buena Vista Social Club recordings from the mid-1990s. Ry Cooder traveled to Havana to present Cuban music to a wider audience, working only with local musicians, tapping into a culture previously ignored by the US record business since the early 1960s. The project instantly went viral. Part of the magic was the camaraderie of the musicians and Cooder’s reverence for the music.


Lisboa à Solta possesses a similar magic to that of the Buena Vista Social Club. The rapport and mutual admiration between Susan and the other artists is palpable. The recording evokes a very particular place, with music as beautiful and alluring as any in the world.



Susan Palma - Nidel - Flautas
Pedro Jóia - Guitarra
Gil Goldstein - Acordião, Teclados
Sandra Martins - Violoncelo, Clarinete
Ruca Rebordão - Percursão, Berimbau
Né Ladeiras - Voz

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