The Portuguese School of Equestrian Art was founded in 1979 and is managed since September 2012 by Parques de Sintra – Monte da Lua, SA.

Its mission is to promote education, practice, preservation and the development of the traditional Portuguese equestrian art. In its activities, the School follows the model that was of the Real Riding School– the equestrian academy of the Portuguese court of the XVIII and beginning of the XIX centuries.

The School has performances, training and open rehearsals to the general public, regularly at the Henrique Calado Riding School (Calçada da Ajuda, in Belém).

Visiting the school is an opportunity to travel in the Portuguese history and visit moments that continue in the beauty of the Lusitano horses of the Coudelaria of Real Riding School, used in this art since the XVIII century, conducting classical equestrian training from the Baroque period and Court games (tournaments taken place between the XVI and XIX centuries, in festive occasions), but also in the garments and harnesses, either from work – daily training, or from galas – presentations and shows, are the same as used in the genesis of the Portuguese equestrian art.


Equestrian Art Mornings

From Tuesday to Saturday, between 11am and 1pm, visit the School´s backstage, keep up with the keepers’ duties with the horses and attend the warming exercises on the Picadeiro Henrique Calado boldness by the horse riders, dressed as those times, respecting the rhythm, health and physical need of each horse, they assure their adequate instruction for the high level of the galas and shows of the Portuguese School of Equestrian Art. Drawn by the musical chords, assist to the training and rehearsals of the exercises and choreography of the Equestrian Art, that recreate the charming ambient that was lived in the Portuguese Court of the XVIII century.


Ticket office, shop and cafeteria are open from 10:30 am



Adult – 8€

Adult Cabin – 12€



The following tickets with discount are available only at the Henrique Calado Riding School ticket office:

- Disabled (discount) – 50%

- Accompanying person to the disabled – 0€

- Senior Ticket– 6€

- Youth ticket – 6€

- Family Ticket (2 Adults + 2 Youth tickets) – 25€

- Senior Cabin – 10€

- Youth Cabin - 10€

- Family Cabin (2 Adults + 2 Youth cabins) – 39€


Period: - The Equestrian Art Mornings are conducted from Tuesday to Saturday (except for the last Saturday of each month/ day after the “Gala” has taken place).


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